Large Scale Expertise.
Tailored Benefit Solutions for Specialty Businesses.

We leverage decades of experience
to build benefits solutions designed to mitigate risk and drive growth.

Group Benefits

We serve lower-middle market companies that are routinely underserved by the big-name brokers. Our clients are large enough to need an expert service model but are typically “too small” to get the attention they deserve. We exist to fill that void.

We anchor our custom benefit solutions for each partner against 4 pillars of service that set the Benefit Group apart from the competition.



Our data and analytics team, utilizing our proprietary tools, conducts a comprehensive and focused analysis of your business, benefit package, and HR systems to discover opportunity and manage risk .


Every business is unique, and so are its benefits needs. Our team of expert benefits consultants will work closely with you to design, implement, and manage technology that meets the specific needs of your team.


We build benefit programs not only focused on your business objectives, but programs that make your employees feel supported.


We go beyond typical compliance efforts to consider the legal, financial, tax, and reputational, ramifications of your benefits solution to turn what can be an operational headache into a serious competitive advantage.

We understand how benefit solutions can ramp or hinder growth.
Good benefits drive good business.

70% of American workers weigh company-provided benefits heavily in their job decision-making process, underscoring the importance of a strong benefits package in attracting top talent.
77% of employees are more inclined to remain with an employer that offers a comprehensive benefits package, highlighting the critical role of benefits in retaining key employees.
According to a survey, an overwhelming 80% of employees would prefer enhanced benefits over a pay raise, indicating a significant shift in what employees value most in their compensation package.
The cost of employee turnover is significant, with the financial impact ranging from 50% to 400% of an employee's annual salary. Investing in effective Benefit Packages minimizes these expenses.

We build benefits packages and products that meet the unique demands of your business and your team.

Payroll Vendor Management

One of the common challenges many businesses face is managing payroll. Navigating the complex network of systems that make up the large payroll providers can be frustrating. By working through one of our preferred partners, we are able to work alongside our clients and support these demanding efforts.

Benefits Advocate

Understanding the complexities of benefits can be an overwhelming task, filled with endless questions that can be even more difficult to answer. This is why our advocates are available for your employees, by phone, email, or chat 24/7/365 to answer any questions and provide the guidance your team needs.

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